[What is reverse engineering]

Examination of hardware or software design with a goal to understand how a particular design works, is called reverse engineering.

[When You should use it]

Have You ever wondered how this device/software works ?

Have You ever imagine if it would be possible to replicate device/software functionality ?

Have You ever thought what this code is vulnerable against ?

Have You ever wanted to build a new system or improve existing device to reach better results ?

Reverse engineering is used for many purposes: 

– learning tool;

– a way to make a new system/purpose;

– compatible products that are cheaper than what is currently on the market;

– for making software interoperate more effectively;

– bridge data between different operating systems or databases;

– and to uncover the undocumented.

Sometimes there is a need to build and there are no alternative means to get the information like source code to achieve the goal. For example, original authors may not be available to the owner and in these types of situations a decision may be made to reverse engineer whole design in order to achieve the goal.

 [What We can offer to help You]

– Product security analysis. Existing software design/structure analysis – code flow errors, vulnerabilities;

– Interfacing. Reverse engineering can be used when a system is required to interface to another system and how both systems would negotiate is to be established.

– Existing software redesign.

– Commercial espionage. Competitor’s latest research by exploring or capturing a prototype and dismantling it, which may result in the development of a similar product or a better countermeasure against it.

– Competitive technical intelligence. Understand what one’s competitor is actually doing, versus what they say they are doing.

– Saving money. When one finds out what a piece of electronics is capable of, it can spare a user from the purchase of a separate product.

– Repurposing. When obsolete objects are reused in a different but useful manner.

– New software design.